Voxblock in the classroom

See Voxblock in action

STV news visited Haddington Primary School where they heard directly from the children who have been using Voxblock in the classroom for over a year.  

About Voxblock

Voxblock is the easy-to-use, screen-free audiobook player for children aged 3-12.  Designed for kids, without the need for WiFi, downloads or set-up, the tangible audiobooks slot into the easy-to-use player. Voxblock is lightweight and portable, for use anywhere.

We have an expanding library of over 150 audiobooks that can be collected, loved and listened to forever.   

Voxblock Schools

Voxblock Schools is the first ever schools and educational settings audiobook product, designed specifically for use in primary and nursery classrooms. It was created in response to requests from teachers who knew Voxblock would translate perfectly to the schools environment.

Voxblock Schools offers a range of school packages that can be used by individual pupils, small groups or whole classes. Packages range from 5 to 20 players.  Read more about Voxblock in schools here