7 Reasons to pack Voxblock on your next holiday

7 Reasons to pack Voxblock on your next holiday

Travelling with kids can be… interesting! Long queues, lack of wifi and early starts are just some of the things that can make it a challenge. Enter Voxblock, an ideal companion for your journey (and is definitely guaranteed to decrease the number of times you hear "are we there yet!"). Voxblock is the screen-free audiobook player for children 3-12.  The audiobooks are physical blocks that snap into place on a simple-to-use player. 

Why take Voxblock on holiday with you?

1. It will work anywhere:

Unlike other solutions there’s no need for wifi or signal when setting up or using the player. No finding out the cafe wifi code, no rush to download stories before take off. Voxblock can travel with kids, wherever they go.

2. No parents needed:

Voxblock has been designed for kids first and foremost, it is lightweight, compact, and robust and can easily fit in a child's backpack.  Kids can listen independently through either the speaker or headphones. Award winning for ease of use, your child is in control as soon as they open the box.

3. The stories:

Voxblock now has over 130 audiobooks, from adventure and  action, to funny and feel good, there's something for all.  Have a look through our classics such as Treasure Island, family favourites such as The Wishing Chair and cheeky characters like Horrid Henry.  If you’re looking for something different you can try classical music, or meditation for peace on that long journey.

4. It’s (very) robust:

Dropped on the way to the gate? No problem. Wedged under the car seat? No issue.  Designed to last, both the books and the player have shown that they can handle the bumps and tussles of a holiday.

5. Long stories for long trips:

On average each block is almost three hours long, although they range from a collection of short stories for smaller attention spans to epic sagas up to 9 hours long.

6. Battery and charging:

With a long battery life of up to 14 hours of playtime (that’s Zurich to Singapore with some battery to spare), Voxblock is charged with a simple and lightweight USB cable.  Charge points for these are readily available while on the go.

7. Kids, parents and reviewers love it! 

“It keeps me company for my long long flight to Australia, and I could colour while I listened.”
Rosie, 6, Voxblock owner, May 23

“Best audio-stories player I've seen. I Iove that it's robust and portable enough to fit in your bag to take out… Fantastic screen free alternative.”
Kate, Voxblock parent, Jan 23

“What we found incredibly refreshing is there’s no app, no download, no wifi setup, the Voxblock is ready and raring to go, and compact enough to join children on journeys big and small... the battery also lasts for days with just a single charge, which makes it great for travel and holidays... we highly recommend the newly released Voxblock.”
The Independent, Reviewer, Nov 22


If you’d like to take Voxblock on your next holiday the best place to begin is with a Voxblock Starter Pack, you’ll get a Voxblock player, three stories of your choice and a protective bumper for £59.99.

Already travelling with a Voxblock? Send us your snaps at or tag #myvoxblock.

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