Pippi Longstocking Goes Abroad audiobook front cover.
Pippi Longstocking audiobook back cover.
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
A screen-free audiobook

Pippi Longstocking Goes Aboard

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2hr 37min
3+ Years
en English

Join Tommy and Annika for another adventure with their friend Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world!

There’s no one who can tell Pippi what to do - whether she’s buying eighteen kilos of sweets or taming a boa constrictor. But when Pippi’s father returns from sea, and offers to take Pippi to South Sea island, will Tommy and Annika be left behind? And has Pippi finally met an adult who can tell her what to do?

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Just like all our titles, this audiobook can be played using the Voxblock player (available separately).

No, the player will return to the same point next time you listen to that story.

In addition to Pippi Longstocking Goes Aboard we have a growing library of world-class stories for children aged three and up.

The blocks look and feel like a book, and are made of layers of recycled card with a beautifully printed cover.

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